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Hey Gentlemen,

The following is a solution that I have drafted for my absence of the Nutcracker run this year. I have personally worked hand in hand with David Newman in finding a replacement for me the dates of Thursday, November 22 through Sunday November the 25.  The replacement that I personally and professionally suggest is Mr. Gregg Pearlman.

This is the gentlemen that the union provided for the Dallas Opera to cover the audio position mid run of the 2012 Aida opera.  Gregg and I were able to work together in getting himself to up to speed for the Opera.  I my option this was an amicable option of replacement of labor thus allowing a quality production to continue.  Gregg is an instructor at Media Tech and has extensive knowledge and training in sound engineering.  Gregg was a great fit for the Opera due to his ability to listen, watch and learn on the fly. As we all know, Opera is a unforgiving art form thus NOT forgiving on mistakes.  Gregg was able to succeed in calming the situation that the Opera was in.  Gregg’s wiliness to think, and “do” thing on his own accord did wonders and was noticed by all parties.  I truly feel that Gregg is more than capable to repeat this work ethic for the Nutcracker.

I feel that, as a union member,  that it is important for the union to maintain our integrity of quality and trained personnel.  I feel by going forward with my suggestion of putting Mr. Gregg Perlman on this call would be the best move for this situation.  My thought is it see, if in addition to having Gregg start on Monday the 19th  continuing until Sunday the 25th (as agreed to originally) is to see if Gregg could be called for the “house strip/Nutcracker Lighting Advance” on Saturday November 17th.   This would allow Gregg an additional day of “on-site” training and face to face time with the client.  I think this would be most beneficial to all parties.

I hope all parties involved can heed my professional option and follow through with the opportunity of contacting Gregg Pearlman for this call.  His contact info is as listed below.

Gregg Pearlman
469-774-9142 ©

Thanks for your time and consideration to my request.

Seth Roberts
Head Audio Engineer
Winspear Production
817.896.0333 (c)


My name is Greg Whitfield, and I am writing this letter as a recommendation for Gregg Pearlman.  Mr. Pearlman and I have known each other for over forty years.  Gregg possesses a soft spoken but confident demeanor.  He is loyal in friendship,  and I would trust him with anything.  I have valued his friendship for decades and continue to do so.

As a professional musician working out of the Austin area I am also familiar with Gregg's skills as a sound engeneer.  He has the kind of ears one wishes every sound man had.  He can make any space sound good, from large concert halls to small nightclubs.  I was honored to have Gregg mix and record several of my recent Dallas shows, the recordings from which became my most recent CD release.  

In addition to performing and recording music, I have twenty years of classroom teaching experience.  I know learning is best acheived through guided hands-on experience, and I have seen Mr. Pearlman coach other engineers, resulting in improved sound.  This happened once during one of my own shows.  The house engineer had the system up and running, and when Gregg arrived part way through the show he was able to offer suggestions that greatly improved the sound quality.  I am quite certain that the house engeneer ended the evening smarter than he began, due to Gregg's coaching.  Even audience members remarked on the improvement in sound quality during the set.  If I were to study sound engineering I would want to learn from someone with Gregg Pearlman's qualities.  He is simply one of the best.



1. Gregg, was a fantastic teacher.  He taught us key insight to making it happen in the Industry.  I have spoken with Alumni from previous years and they said that they never received emails with job listings.  I still get to this day help from Gregg with multiple emails weekly containing job leads, Local and Nation wide, phone calls asking how things are going and if I received the emails and applied.  I have needed help with interview questions and start up conversations and he has helped me get my foot in the door, gain confidence in my self and position myself for success. 
Self Promotion and Networking are keys to Success.  Gregg made the avenues for success widely available and open.  
Best Class of the Entire Course.
2. Gregg made sure that every student would be ready for the real world, as far as having resumes, web sties, etc., and he proved to us that he WANTED us to be in the industry. I have great respect for him and the class was very necessary and pleasing to have.

3. I really enjoyed this class and think it is probably my favorite. Gregg went threw everything to make ourselves look really professional. He is always willing to help us when we don't understand something, and on top of that he helps provide us with job opportunities! Everything in his class is well structured. We were put in uncomfortable mock phone call backs and he helped us with things to say when you can't get threw the "gate keepers" to the person you want to talk to, and had us come up with everything we could think of they would say.I'm leaving this school with a Professional Resume a knowledge of writing good cover and cold letters and have an amazing website all because of this class.


4. This was the MOST HELPFUL class i've ever taken. i feel confident about getting a job because of Mr. Pearlman. i wish this class was longer because i enjoyed it so much and have gotten so much out of it. Gregg is the BEST!!!


5. Well informed instructor


6. Good class, i had most of it done already but still learned a lot


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